Search Engine Optimization

Long-term SEO success requires a tactical partner who recognizes that site traffic and revenue growth mean capturing all relevant, non-paid opportunities, including: traditional organic rankings, local listings, media results, and influencer and social network results.

SEO is Not Just About Search

For each SEO project, we start at the beginning, with the keyword research process. We then work this into a review of the site content and use these findings for content development recommendations. Our comprehensive SEO audits include detailed checks on technical and usability aspects of a website.

Once a website shows up in organic search results, the next step is to get users to click on the search results — and we know what it takes to get clicks. We adhere strictly to best practices when it comes to SEO (called White Hat in the industry). We closely follow the guidelines set out by Google, Bing and Yahoo! for ensuring that the search engines serve up quality search results and that users have the best search experience.

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. We blend tried-and-true online search optimization strategies with paid media buys (in platforms such as Google and Bing), with social media, and with content development strategies so that our clients’ websites stand out in search and continue to thrive online.