Content & Email Marketing

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content marketing

We know how to tell stories online. We will work together to create these stories, deliver them in the most appropriate format and share them with the right audience. It might be a blog, an influencer campaign or a video series - let’s discuss it!

Content marketing is not about reaching more people — it’s about connecting with the right people. This means shifting gears, moving away from the message and making customers the focus. With audiences who are more discerning than ever, successful marketers need to create and deliver tailored content that evolves with each prospect across the buyer’s journey. This requires having a clear picture of exactly who we’re trying to reach, what content will resonate with them, and how it impacts their decision-making process.

email marketing

We develop cohesive email strategies that fuse together all of your email efforts, including: long term customer contact strategies, traditional database approaches and analytics-based tactics that continually inform, modify and enhance your programs. We’ll help you to capture only the most relevant data about your customers to ensure you’re delivering personalized email content and offers at exactly the right moments.